Learning Libraryのフラシューカード

Learning Libraryはオーチャードキンダープリスクール&保育所で実際に使っているフラシューカードのオンラインアプリです。





Learning Library's flash cards collection

Here are find flash cards for preschool learners. These flash cards are tested and used in Orchard Kinder Preschool & Childcare, an international preschool located in Yokohama Japan.

Learners of Orchard Kinder can use these flash cards for revision with their parents. Non-Orchard Kinder learners still can benefit from our flash cards as this application including audio files which help you or your kids to learn the pronunication of Japanese or English.


This site is free for anyone who wants to learn English or Japanese. All contents in any form of reproduction or redistribution is prohibited.